Our Story

We have a strong desire to serve the children of this area in the hope that they will grow up healthy and strong in mind and body and be able to serve the children in future generations of Greater Kansas City.


Developing a Foundation

For many years, she personally donated to some of his favorite charities as well as developing her own list to give donate to. In 2000, she decided to extend that giving into a foundation capable of serving those needs that would continue after her passing.


Leaving a Legacy

The Mader Foundation is the result of this desire to serve Greater Kansas City. Since Kathryn’s passing in 2006, her family has continued to serve greater Kansas City. Melissa Mader-Schaefer and her husband David, together with their daughter Danielle and her husband Brett, carry on Kathryn’s legacy through the Foundation’s philanthropic investment in the community.


Continuing their Mission

The Mader Foundation has a strong desire to serve the children of Greater Kansas City in the hope that they will grow up healthy and strong, in mind and body, and be able to serve future generations.

Edward G. & Kathryn E. Mader

Kathryn and Edward were married in 1927 and lived in Kansas, where he had studied at the University of Kansas. He worked briefly as a bookkeeper before deciding that his real interest was the stock market. He joined a brokerage firm early in 1929. Around 1944, he approached B.C. Christopher and Company, a grain firm, which did not have an equities and fixed income securities department. He offered to establish one on a no salary, commission basis. At his retirement in 1976 he was a senior partner with the firm.

Our Community Impact


Years Of Giving

$10 Million+

Financial Support

Now Accepting Applications

We expect more requests for grants this year and it will take some time to review them all. The final decisions regarding which grants to fund will be made at the Foundation meeting held in September.